Nov. 25th, 2009


Nov. 25th, 2009 05:26 pm
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Apparently, Michael Moorcock is going to write a Doctor Who novel.

It won't cross over with the Eternal Champion stuff (I hope!), but I can't help thinking...

Is the Time War another manifestation of the Conjunction of the Million Spheres? Because it sure seems like it. The Doctor is a Time Lord hero responsible for the destruction of his people. Since Romana was supposedly retrieved from E-space and made some kind of Time Lord mucky muck, there's room to posit her as the Ermizhad figure....

(Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion novels, which include Elric and almost everything else he's ever written at this point, rely on a cosmology that, frankly, I can't even sum up. If you're curious, try Wikipedia. Or Google. That's what I'd do.

There's always a tragic hero figure, there's almost always a woman who sparks a betrayal of someone/herself by the hero, and all the tragic heroes and the women are manifestations of the same "persons" playing out complicated, predestined schemes. Occasionally, the gender roles get swapped, so we get a tragic heroine and a hapless boy. Most of the time, the hero destroys the world. It started out as an attempt to write pulp fantasy as unlike Conan the Barbarian as possible, and it's better than I make it sound.)

I bet there's a Black Sword of Rassilon. :P If so, the Doctor should run away from it, fast and far.


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