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There's always a moment where RTD Goes Too Far.

I loved Lucy (hee!) although I prefer her as a villain. I choose to believe "I was never very bright" was understated sarcasm, considering the whole "reverse chemicals" thing was apparently her idea. :)

I wasn't crazy (snerk) about the Master throwing lightning bolts. Every time you power up a continuing villain, you have to account for it later. But I could live with it, because it's pretty strongly implied he's not in a sustainable state.

But the Goes Too Far moment was when the Earth became a giant game of The Simms. I'm not actually saying the Master wouldn't do this, although in a more focused state of mind he would probably realize that a planet-ful of him would just kill each other a lot. No, my intolerance for that was purely based on the total loss of my ability to suspend disbelief. The John Simm Master remains my favorite ("oh, like that was ever gonna happen!") but that last bit should definitely be filed under Way, Way Too Much of a Good Thing. Oy, with the mugging.

Someone appears to have set the Time Lords to TOTAL DICKS on the Personality Dial, but it's an interpretation that I feel is consistent with past presentations. "Activist" Time Lords are usually bad news. I expected them back last year, but I knew they'd be back sooner or later. Making them villains explains nicely why the Doctor stays far, far away from them- although I don't see how they can be actively bad and as powerful as they used to be, in the context of a continuing series.

I suspect we'll be left to interpret "The Woman" as being Romana if we like, but no definitive information will be provided. I think it would be interesting if Timothy Dalton were actually Rassilon, but I suspect he's just Rassilon Lite. And I think it would be nice if the Eleventh Doctor constantly had an eye out for Time Lords sneaking up on him.

I hope we don't see more than one John Simm for most of the second part, but we'll see.
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